January 26, 2016

Accelerated Reader Comes to NoveList

Need to find interesting books for students that match up to Accelerated Reader levels? NoveList will now include an Accelerated Reader level for each relevant record.

In addition to the Lexile levels already in NoveList, Accelerated Reader levels will help teachers and parents find just the right book for every kid’s reading and interest level. Interest and Book Levels attached to each title indicate age group appropriateness and the difficulty of the text, respectively. Accelerated Reader interest levels will be incorporated for:

  • Lower Grades (K-3)
  • Middle Grades (4-6)
  • Middle Grades Plus (6 and up)
  • Upper Grades (9-12)

Accelerated Reader in NoveList

The addition of Accelerated Reader is exciting for both school and public libraries. Educators and librarians are challenged with finding books that students *want* to read, but that are written at an appropriate level for the reader. NoveList helps meet that challenge, by making it easy to search for books by level AND by topic/appeal. For example, readers can search NoveList by appeal terms (to find books by mood such as "funny" or "sarcastic"), and combine that with the appropriate reading level.

Accelerated Reader is used by more than 1/3 of educators in the U.S. Lexile and Accelerated Reader are complementary tools, as this article explains.

Accelerated Reader levels will be visible in NoveList at the search result level, in the book citation area, and on the Advanced Search page. This new feature will roll our to existing customers of NoveList, NoveList Plus, NoveList K-8, and NoveList K-8 Plus on or after Feb 3.


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