November 14, 2017

AASL, new standards, and my personal inquiry

"It’s OK for us to disagree, but not to disengage.”

Powerful words from author Jason Reynolds, whose dynamic presentation wowed a packed ballroom at AASL. I was there and have been thinking about his words ever since.

Finding commonalities and ways to connect is important -- who else but Reynolds could weave a speech that incorporated everything from sitting by a not-woke fellow airplane traveler to a Steve Harvey TV show? He spoke of the need to find humility and ways to create intimacy with the young people in our lives, characterizing his books as an attempt to do that.

His words echoed and reflected back so much of our conversations about books and reading here at NoveList: from books speaking to a deeper truth; to being part of an ongoing conversation on the human situation; to building relationships. No matter what I -- or any of us here at NoveList -- do in our day-to-day jobs, our belief in the importance of books and reading is why we are here, working with and for you. It’s why we write blog posts on how to find your patrons their next favorite book, why we take such care with our metadata, and why we are working with our libraries to find new channels to reach and build readers.

As Reynolds said, when the book is over, life continues, and he challenged the audience to think about “what you’re doing or not doing.”

Thanks, Jason. Will keep thinking...

Bonus! A few of my favorite getups from the weekend:

Kathy Stewart is a NoveList Consultant.

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