March 8, 2016

10 new ideas for promoting NoveList to your readers

While your staff may be well-versed in using NoveList to find read-alikes, series info, and all the other great resources for readers, your patrons might not be aware of how they can enhance their reading with this valuable resource. They may not even be aware of NoveList at all!

Amp up your NoveList usage with these ideas that any library can do without a lot of extra time or money.

  1. Add links to NoveList on the desktop of all public service computers. [Tip: try calling it something interesting like "Find your next read!" or "Find your next favorite book."]
  2. Create a website banner promoting and linking to NoveList.
  3. Conduct a survey of your staff with regards to their comfort level with NoveList. Based on your survey results, plan some staff training sessions. [Tip: check out our Idea Center for training ideas.]
  4. Hold regular RA training sessions where staff use sample scenarios to suggest books for a hypothetical patron. Discuss as a group. Of course, encourage everyone to use NoveList as they work!
  5. Place bookmarks in high traffic areas of your library that showcase staff faces and names with their personal book recommendations. Include instructions for accessing NoveList to find more great books to read.
  6. Hold a “Book Matchmaker” program for patrons, showing them how to use NoveList to do their own readers’ advisory and find their perfect book match.
  7. Keep “business cards” and bookmarks at service desks with the NoveList logo and personal recommendations by staff members.
  8. Identify staff that are interested in becoming NoveList “cheerleaders” whose goal is to coach and train other staff about NoveList.
  9. Use the ready-to-go #NoveListRecommends templates in LibraryAware to post on your Facebook and Twitter – and don’t forget the hashtag!
  10. At the start of your book clubs and other book or genre-related programming, give a brief introduction to NoveList.

Looking for even more ideas? Head on over to our Creative Ideas for Promoting Reader Services page.

We hope you’re able to take some inspiration from these ideas and implement them in a way that works for your library and your patrons. What else has worked for you? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Cassi Hall is the Communications Specialist at NoveList.

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