June 9, 2020

Using LibraryAware to communicate with staff

We are all experiencing continuous updates and changes to protocol. Your staff should be at the top of your list when communicating updates. Email newsletters are an effective way to make a meaningful connection with your library community, and the same is true for connecting with your staff, especially in these times of social distancing. 

June 5, 2020

The world is not as it should be – what should we do about that?

Stories also help us understand that the world is not what it should be. When someone is offered — through reading a story — a window into what that the world feels like for someone else, it can help them recognize unjustness. And hopefully, it creates a desire to help fix the inequality. Stories can help illuminate the fact that power is unequally distributed based on race, class, and gender in our world. NoveList is committed to helping shine a light on unjustness and inequality.  

June 4, 2020

Aggregated reports are coming to the Select Dashboard

With many library buildings across the country still closed to the public or in early stages of re-opening, online catalogs have continued to be open to digital browsing, and NoveList Select has continued to enrich readers’ engagement within it. During a time of social distancing, the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard has been there to provide insights to help library staff remain connected to readers.

June 3, 2020

Communication is key to a successful and smooth library building reopening

In many parts of the world, libraries are working out the details of reopening their physical buildings while local health officials are setting guidelines for their communities. Ensuring their plans abide by those rules, while also providing the best service possible to their patrons, is unchartered waters for libraries.  

June 2, 2020

Campaign Guides are coming to LibraryAware

Communicating clearly and effectively is critical, particularly during a crisis, or when people have limited connectivity, or when information is constantly changing. Like now. And one of the best ways to make sure your message is received is to use a variety of channels with a consistent message.  

June 1, 2020

Top 12 most searched titles in NoveList Select: May 2020

We noticed some changes in the data, so our list looks a little different this month. Here are the top 12 searched items in library catalogs with NoveList Select for May.

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