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Guilty (?) Reading Pleasures for Fans of Making a Murderer

Post by Kimberly Burton
Posted February 10, 2016 in NoveList Plus, Articles

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Looking for something to read along the lines of Netflix's hit docu-drama Making a Murderer? Look no further...

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Webcast: Did You Hear That? It’s the Exploding World of Audiobooks and Listeners’ Advisory

Post by Lori Reed
Posted February 04, 2016 in Events

Listening to audiobooks has never been easier, but do your library patrons know that?

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Webcast: Romancing the Book Club: Matchmaking for Romance Readers

Post by Lori Reed
Posted February 03, 2016 in Events

Romance readers are among libraries' greatest patrons, but the romance genre is often overlooked as a choice for book clubs. Join us for this webcast!

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Black History Month Carousel Takeover

Post by Autumn Winters
Posted February 02, 2016 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News, Articles

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Notice anything different inside NoveList this month? That's right! To celebrate Black History Month, NoveList is dedicating our Featured Read-alikes section to books by and/or about African Americans.

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