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NextReads Newsletter Profile: Picture Books

Post by Rebecca Honeycutt
Posted April 17, 2015 in NextReads

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They're big. They're colorful. They take only a few minutes to read, but they can stick with you for years. Who can resist picture books? Certainly not most children's librarians.

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Spring into Ecofiction with a Great Display!

Post by Dawn Towery
Posted April 16, 2015 in NextReads

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Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and April is here!

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The Promise of Libraries

Post by Duncan Smith
Posted April 07, 2015 in Readers' Advisory News, Special Announcements

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The library is not a building. It is not stacks of books or even a dedicated staff. It is a promise.

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Find Books with Diverse Characters in NoveList

Post by Amy Morgan
Posted April 06, 2015 in NoveList K-8 Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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Over this past year there has been lots of discussion in libraries and publishing about diversity in juvenile books.

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