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Character Appeal Makes Its Debut

Post by Victoria Caplinger
Posted April 27, 2015 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News, Special Announcements

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When we first added appeal to NoveList, we focused most of our efforts around Tone and Writing Style. Since then, we’ve received occasional feedback asking why we didn’t include Character as one of our appeal factors. Fast-forward a few months (or a couple of years!) and lots of research, and we decided to go for it.

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NextReads Newsletter Profile: Picture Books

Post by Rebecca Honeycutt
Posted April 17, 2015 in NextReads

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They're big. They're colorful. They take only a few minutes to read, but they can stick with you for years. Who can resist picture books? Certainly not most children's librarians.

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Spring into Ecofiction with a Great Display!

Post by Dawn Towery
Posted April 16, 2015 in NextReads

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Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and April is here!

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The Promise of Libraries

Post by Duncan Smith
Posted April 07, 2015 in Readers' Advisory News, Special Announcements

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The library is not a building. It is not stacks of books or even a dedicated staff. It is a promise.

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