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We Are Honored

Post by Shauna Griffin
Posted February 14, 2013 in NextReads, Special Announcements

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The NextReads team

The NextReads team (L to R): Katherine Johnson, Kim Burton, Ellen Foreman (represented by our unofficial mascot, Marvin), Gillian Speace, Dawn Towery, and Shauna Griffin

Fans that we are of readers' advisory, the NextReads team members are excited and honored (possibly to the point of squealing) to be added to the list of recipients of the Louis Shores Award for excellence in book reviewing. We work hard to bring great new books (and wonderful older ones) to the attention of library patrons, and to have that work recognized by ALA and RUSA is something we're all very proud of.

As the team lead for NextReads, I know exactly how much time and effort goes into each issue we create. All of it is crafted by a small group of dedicated individuals including:

  • Kim Burton (a.k.a. Historian)
  • Ellen Foreman (a.k.a. Kid Whisperer)
  • Katherine Johnson (a.k.a. Constant Questioner)
  • Gillian Speace (a.k.a. Word Wielder)
  • Dawn Towery (a.k.a. Memory Bank)
  • and myself, Shauna Griffin (a.k.a. Orchestra Conductor)

At its core, the NextReads team -- and the service itself -- is powered by a love of reading and a desire to put the right book into the right reader's hands. No matter what that the hypothetical reader wants (Vivid travel writing? Atmospheric mysteries? A bedtime book that will actually help kids go to sleep?), we want to give it to them. The challenge, of course, is that we're not helping one reader at a time, or one desire at a time; we're reaching out to an audience that spans the U.S. and Canada. So, like a good readers' advisor, we provide options -- and enough information to let our readers make the choice of what to read next for themselves.

Receiving this award confirms that what we offer -- book recommendations for readers, a readers' advisory service for libraries -- and the work that goes into it is valued by the community we serve.


Shauna is Lead Bibliographer for NextReads, or, as she likes to be called, “Our Fearless Leader.”