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Help Readers of Any Genre with Genre Overviews

Post by Krista Biggs
Posted January 09, 2015 in Readers' Advisory News

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Assisting readers with a genre or subgenre you don't know well (there's probably at least one you don't like or read) can be tough --

"I have never read a western and don't want to!"

"Unless the cover is red and has a military-ish symbol, I couldn't tell you if a book is a thriller."

"Aren't all books with Amish characters automatically gentle reads?"

"I only read nonfiction."

NoveList's genre overviews prepare you to help adult, teen (Ages 14-18), and older kid (Ages 9-14) readers with any of those genres that are less familiar to you

NoveList Genre Overviews briefly:

  • Define the genre or subgenre according to trusted professional standards
  • Describe what typically happens in that type of book and why readers like to read them
  • Provide proven tips and suggestions for talking to readers
  • List key titles and authors to know.

Genre Overviews are available for Adult fiction and nonfiction. Genre Overviews for teens and older kids also include list crossover suggestions for other genres and nonfiction topics. Teen Genre Overviews also offer adult reading suggestions as applicable.

There are several ways to find our genre overviews. On the RA Toolbox page, simply scroll down to the "Learning About Genres" section and click on the Genre Overviews link. On the Working with Youth page, click on Learn About Genres in the right column.

Find all of our Genre Overviews in NoveList and get started helping your readers! For even more advice on genres and serving the readers that love them, be sure to check out our new Keeping Up... pages

Krista Biggs is a Content Specialist and Bibliographer at NoveList. She is also the Editor of RA News