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Find Your Next Read with LibraryReads

Post by Shauna Griffin
Posted January 12, 2016 in NextReads

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As many of you (I hope!) are aware, LibraryReads is a wonderful organization that harnesses the power of word-of-mouth enthusiasm in the world of readers advisory. Each month, they request recommendations for the best upcoming books published in the U.S. -- but only from public librarians. The ten most-nominated books end up on a list -- it’s like a nation-wide “Library Staff Recommends” shelf!

Since LibraryReads launched in 2013, NoveList has supported their work by preparing carefully thought-out recommendations (these books will be popular, and we want you to have something to suggest to your patrons while they wait!) for each book or series selected. We also tag each LibraryReads choice as an award-winner, and you can see awards lists compiled for each year.

Now we’re doing something new. While it’s easy enough for librarians to sign up to receive LibraryReads announcements at the LibraryReads website, it’s not as easy for patrons to find out what their librarians have been reading -- and loving. So, we’ll be creating monthly NextReads newsletters in LibraryAware that will go straight to patron inboxes. Around the first of each month, patrons will find a list of the best of that month’s upcoming books waiting in their inboxes, and they can use the catalog links in the newsletter to place holds on those books that most interest them.

We’re really excited about being able to share librarians’ best-loved books with public library patrons, but we understand that you might have some questions. We’ve got an FAQ set up here, and you can also contact our support staff with any additional questions.

And, if you’re curious to learn more about LibraryReads itself, I encourage you to check out their website (at, and maybe even nominate a book or two!

Shauna Griffin is the NextReads/ADEPT supervisor at NoveList.