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Green Initiatives
Being an environmentally-conscious company has long been a guiding directive of EBSCO. EBSCO has always tried to implement new initiatives that help the company operate in a more efficient and environmentally-sound manner. Our goal is to continue to grow as a company, while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment.
Major EBSCO Green Initiatives:
Solar Power
192-panel solar arrays have been installed in two of EBSCO’s three renovated mill buildings that make up the company’s Ipswich, Massachusetts campus. The solar electrical system is expected to offset 20% to 25% of the building’s energy needs.
EBSCO recycles cardboard, mixed paper, e.g., magazines and newspapers, (see EBSCO Missing Copy Bank information to the left) plastic bottles and cans, and promotes the use of recycled paper throughout the company.
Light bulbs in EBSCO's Ipswich headquarters buildings have been changed from incandescent to high efficiency fluorescents, and most areas have been equipped with either timers or motion and sound sensors that shut off the lights when not occupied.
  • Installed electric car charging stations for employee use
  • Switched our fleet of corporate cars to hybrid models
  • Commuter Rail reimbursement is available for employees using public transportation
  • Energy Management System
    Building renovations include the installation of Energy Management Systems that will potentially save over 20% in costs and energy consumption per year.
    Waste Consciousness
    EBSCO water bottles and travel mugs have been given to employees to cut down on paper and styrofoam waste.
    Free Database
    Free access to EBSCO's GreenFILE database is available to the public. Try it Now
    Green Café
  • 3 star Member of the Green Restaurant Association
  • Solar-based hot water system
  • Compost post consumer waste
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