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December 2012

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What's New?

Welcome to the inaugural eBooks on EBSCOhost Medical Libraries newsletter. These newsletters aim to provide information on new and relevant medical collections and titles that are available through EBSCO, and to highlight any technical enhancements and features related to the eBooks on EBSCOhost platform. We hope you'll find value in these newsletters, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions for future editions.


EBSCO has recently signed with two prominent medical eBook publishers: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and HCPro, Inc. Both publishers have titles on the Doody's Core Titles list and books with high marks from Doody's Review Service. See the "Featured Titles" section below for highlights of new titles from these publishers.


Recently-Released Collections

EBSCO has updated the Doody's 4- and 5-Star Reviewed Titles 2012 Featured Collection with new titles for the end of 2012. Included are selections that were recently reviewed, and given either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars from Doody's Review Service.

Sample 2012 Subject Sets

Sample Featured Collections

Doody's Core Titles Essential Purchases


Doody's Core Titles 2012
CINAHL Core eBook Packages

Featured Titles

The following titles, available via eBooks on EBSCOhost, were recently rated with 5 stars and a score of 100 (out of 100) from Doody's Review Service:

  • Depression in Primary Care: Evidence and Practice (2011) – Cambridge University Press
  • Johns Hopkins HIV Guide: Management of HIV Infection and Its Complications (2012) – Jones & Bartlett Learning


New Titles from AAOS (to see other available titles, log in to EBSCOhost Collection Manager):

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket

Orthopaedic Basic Science

Instructional Course Lectures

Pathophysiology of Orthopaedic Diseases (V2)

Pathophysiology of Orthopaedic Diseases (V1)

OKU 10

AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review


New Titles from HCPro, Inc. (to see other available titles, log in to EBSCOhost Collection Manager):

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket

The Comprehensive Guide to

Nursing Home Administration



Ending Hospital Readmissions

The Joint Commission Survey Coordinator's Handbook


Nursing & Therapy Documentation in Long-Term Care


Core Privileges for AHPS

The Complete Guide to OPPE

Platform Features

In response to customer feedback, EBSCO has re-introduced the option for users to "Close" an eBook when they are finished viewing it online. This enhancement allows single-user titles to be available for other users before the browser session expires on its own, reducing turnaways and expanding availability of your collection.


Technical Developments

Recent EBSCOhost feature updates have enhanced the eBooks on EBSCOhost user experience:


Mobile 2.0 User Interface Users can now download eBooks in all eBook formats via mobile devices with the new Mobile 2.0 interface. Mobile users can also view checkouts in the folder, create and view holds, and view downloads via the Bluefire app.

eBook/Audiobook Label and Cosmetic Enhancements:

  • Additional text provides clarity and direction to users of Kindle and Apple/Android devices
  • eBook checkout language has been simplified
  • Audiobook downloading messaging has improved
  • Instructions for creating a new account have been clarified

Did You Know?

With your EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) account, you can browse, search and buy EBSCO eBooks and eBook products in one location. In addition, your ECM account also enables you to:

  • Build and manage a PDA collection for your institution
  • Report on what titles you currently own through EBSCO
  • Choose different access models for titles, including unlimited use models
  • And much more...

Don't have an account? Visit www.ebscohost.com/ebooks/manage-order to learn more about the benefits of ECM and to sign up for a free account today.

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