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November 2013

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What's New?

ASTD Titles Now Available

Titles from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) will now appear in the eBook BusinessCore Collection—look for more than 50 new titles within the subscription package.

Recently-Released & Updated Collections

Updated Subscription Collections

The BusinessCore, ITCore and EngineeringCore corporate subscription collections were recently updated—more than 100 titles have been added to each subscription. See the EBSCO eBooks website for the most recent title counts for each collection, or contact your EBSCO Sales Representative for title lists and pricing information.


New Corporate Subject Sets

EBSCO has released three new Corporate Subject Sets, containing frontlist titles from key publishers:

  • Business 2013
  • Pharmaceutical Science 2013
  • Legal 2013

View the title lists for these collections.

Featured Titles

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket

Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People

Designing Food Safety and Equipment Reliability Through Maintenance Engineering

Stock Trader's Almanac 2014

Wiley Series 10 Exam Review 2013 + Test Bank

Two Birds in a Tree: Timeless Indian Wisdom for Business Leaders

Mobility for SAP


CRC Press




Course Technology PTR

Technical Developments

Early Check-In

Users can check-in eBooks before the check-out duration expires by using Adobe Digital Editions or the BlueFire app. Returning the eBook early will release the title for other users, which is beneficial if your company has purchased the title under a one-user or three-user simultaneous access model. Learn how.

Did You Know?

Closing an eBook

EBSCO has made it even easier for users to close out of an open eBook session so that single- and three-user titles become immediately available for others to view, with several release options from the Online eBook Viewer and the Internet browser window.


Now, any time a user navigates away from the book—whether they start a new search on EBSCOhost, or exit/close the tabbed browsing window—the book is automatically closed and available to other users, with no lingering session time, and no confusing "closing" requirement.

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