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May 2013

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University Press Content Increases with May 2013 Update

The eBook Academic Collection subscription has added more university press content with its latest update. Titles from Harvard University Press and Yale University Press were recently added, and new books from The Brookings Institution and more titles from Harvard University Press will be included with future updates.

Recently-Released Collections

22 New Theology & Religion Featured Collections

The new Theology & Religion Featured Collections include 10 packages with titles from reputable publishers such as Brill, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. Collections include Theology & Religion: History of Doctrines 2013, Theology & Religion: Ethics 2013, Theology & Religion: Christology 2013, Theology & Religion: Theology 2013, and more.

The newTheology & Religion Featured Collections also include 12 sets of titles that are also indexed in the ATLA Religion Database®. Indexed collections include Theology & Religion Core: Interdisciplinary Studies, Theology & Religion Core: Women's Studies, Theology & Religion Core: Eastern Religions; Theology & Religion Core: Philosophy of Religion, Theology & Religion Core: Islam, Theology & Religion Core: Judaism, Theology & Religion Core: Christian Theology, and more.

Featured Titles

Behind the Candelabra is Now Available for Purchase in EBSCOhost Collection Manager

book jacket        


Scott Thorson's memoir about his life and his relationship with Liberace comes to eBook format, published just prior to the debut of Steven Soderbergh's film of the same name.

Add Behind the Candelabra to your collection in EBSCOhost Collection Manager.

The following titles, and many more, are available in the new Theology & Religion Featured Collections:

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket  


Religion and Human Rights

Living Islamic History

Studying Global Pentecostalism

Ethnography As Christian Theology and Ethics



John Witte and M. Christian Green

Yasir Suleiman

Edinburgh University Press

Aana Marie Vigen



book jacket book jacket book jacket  



Religious Pluralism and the Modern World

Tibetan Ritual

Freedom of Religion




Sharada Sugirtharajah

Jose Ignacio Cabezon

Russell Blackford




Platform Features

Coming Soon: Early Check-In Feature

Users will soon be able to check in eBooks before the check-out duration has expired using the Adobe Digital Editions software. Returning eBooks early will allow titles to be available for other users sooner. This is beneficial for libraries that have purchased titles on a single- or three-user model.

Technical Developments

Build and Manage Your Collection with EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM)

This easy-to-use eBook ordering site allows libraries to search, browse and order individual eBook and audiobook titles, as well as explore expert-crafted collection suggestions.

Sign up for an ECM account at www.ebscohost.com/ebooks/ecm-login-request.

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Did You Know?

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