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March 2013

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What's New?

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EBSCO Partners with Ingram

As part of a continuing commitment to make eBooks available regardless of a library's selector workflow, Ingram and EBSCO have signed an agreement to make EBSCO the first outside eBook provider to be incorporated into OASIS. The first phase of the OASIS implementation will make EBSCO eBooks available to academic libraries; EBSCO and Ingram will be making a joint announcement with details shortly—stay tuned!


Collection Enhancements and New Publishers Signed

EBSCO has recently added over 2,000 new Wiley and Taylor & Francis titles to the EBSCO eBooks collection, as well as over 900 foreign language titles, including German, Turkish, Dutch, Spanish and other languages. In addition, 17 new publishers have signed on with EBSCO, including West Virginia University Press, Urban Institute Press and Hoover Institution Press.

Recently-Released and Updated Collections

New 2013 Academic Subject Sets

EBSCO has released 25 new 2013 academic Subject Sets, ranging in size from 40 to 130 titles.

These Subject Sets contain current works from reputable publishers on a variety of popular topics, including:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Allied Health
  • American Contemporary Issues
  • Biology & Life Sciences
  • Career
  • College Success
  • Computer Science
  • Contemporary Social Issues
  • Criminal Justice
  • Defense & Security
  • Education
  • Energy & Green Technologies
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Ethnic & Cultural Studies
  • Healthcare Knowledge & Management
  • Leadership & Management
  • Literary Criticism & Writing
  • Networking & Security
  • Nursing
  • Personal & Home Computing
  • Philosophy*
  • Psychology
  • Religion & Theology
  • World History*

* Available at the end of March


View the title lists here (or via EBSCOhost Collection Manager).


Don't forget: EBSCO also offers Consortium Subject Sets, providing discounts to member libraries of consortia that purchase titles through these special collections.


Updated Subscription Collections


The eBook Academic Collection has grown to over 113,000 titles, and the eBook Community College Collection now features over 48,000 titles. See below for a sample of new additions to the Community College subscription collection.

Featured Titles

The following eBooks were recently added to the eBook Community College Collection:

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket


100 Conversations for Career Success

Assistive Technology

Smart Building in a Changing Climate

Food and Globalization

Chemical Process Safety


Laura M.

Labovich and Miriam Salpeter

Lyle L. Lloyd, Raymond W. Quist and Oliver Wendt

Arjan van Timmeren, Machiel van Dorst and Andy van den Dobbelsteen

Frank Trentmann and Alexander Nutzenadel

R. E. Sanders


Other noteworthy academic titles:

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket



Action, Contemplation, and Happiness

Attention in a Social World

The Bully Society

The Black Book



C. D. C. Reeve

Michael I. Posner

Jessie Klein

Wesley J. Reisser



book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket



A Companion

to Folklore

Art and Social Justice Education

Bytes and Backbeats

Animal Evolution



Galit Hasan-Rokem and Regina Bendix

Lisa Hochtritt, John Ploof and Therese Quinn

Steve Savage

Claus Nielson



Technical Developments

Short-Term Loans on EBSCOhost Collection Manager

EBSCO is pleased to announce that a Short-Term Loan option is now available through EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM)—instead of purchasing a title on a Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) list outright when activated, users can gain temporary access to the title via a short-term loan at a fraction of the list price.

This also means that libraries now have new customization options for PDA collections:

  • Update your "traditional" PDA collection to trigger short-term loans
  • Establish a loan limit to control how many loan copies any one book can generate
  • Set up a PDA to automatically purchase a title after users have triggered a specified number of short-term loans ("Loan-to-Own")

To view tutorials or to sign up for free training, visit the EBSCO support site.


Enhancements to EBSCOhost Collection Manager

EBSCO has recently released a new version of ECM that features significant enhancements, including:

  • Support for short-term loan/"Loan-to-Own" options (detailed above)
  • A new interface design to simplify the eBook purchasing experience
  • Support for P.O. numbers on ECM orders

If you would like to sign up for training on the new ECM, please visit http://training.ebsco.com.

If you have any additional questions on these enhancements, feel free to contact us at http://support.ebsco.com/contact/askus.php or visit our ECM support site at http://support.ebsco.com/ebooks/ecm.

Did You Know?

EBSCOhost Collection Manager provides a report of all owned titles. To generate one, click the "Reports" drop down on the ECM home page, and then click "Owned Titles."

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