Workflow Integration
1. Premium Learning Content


2. Custom Solutions

Through consultation with an organization's CLO, Training Manager, Human Resources staff, or other relevant personnel, EBSCO Publishing will gain an understanding of the corporate learning objectives/competencies that are most important to the organization. We will then work closely with the organization to incorporate relevant premium content from applicable Learning Centers and BBS into the organization's specific learning program(s).

Integrating Premium Content into the Corporate Workflow line
3. Competency Mapping

Once the learning objectives/competencies have been established, EBSCO Publishing is able to provide a range of custom mapping services that help to apply the premium content in applicable Learning Centers and BBS with the organization's learning goals.

Mapping services include:

  • Customized mapping of select BBS summaries and relevant articles from applicable Learning Centers to specific corporate learning objectives/competencies
  • Ongoing mapping of new content (as it is made available) to existing learning objectives
  • Targeted reading programs for all levels of leadership
4. Support Core Competencies
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration Mentoring/Coaching
  • Global Business
  • Decision Making
  • Integrity
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Pursuing Innovation
  • Communications
  • Contributing to Team Success
  • And more...
5. Integration with Learning Management Systems

In addition to direct linking from EBSCO-generated competency maps to full-text articles and book summaries, the mapping process can be used to integrate learning content into LMS driven or CLO-created learning objects. Having the content, knowing how it fits into the needs of a specific organization, and providing the content via an internal portal, LMS or other easy-to-use interface brings the information to where it is needed and maximizes the impact it has on learning.

6. Disseminate Information to Employees

Promote the resources within your organization. Share an article on leadership with your colleagues via email and direct them to the link where the content is loaded, announce to your employees that they can search for authoritative information in their respective fields in the organization’s LMS, or promote department-specific materials to managers who can distribute the information to their teams. Educating your workforce on the availability of these resources will ensure that your investment is utilized and that your return is maximized.