Increased Exposure

EBSCO is recognized as the leader in the database marketplace. According to an Independent Study conducted by Library Journal, "the number one reference source owned by academic (and public) libraries in electronic-only format is EBSCOhost databases." Not only does EBSCO supply its databases to thousands of universities, biomedical institutions, schools, and other libraries in the United States and Canada, but the company is the leading database provider for libraries outside of North America. At present, EBSCO provides nation-wide access to its databases in more than 70 countries, including developing nations with emerging economies. As a result, publishers and learned societies participating in EBSCO's databases gain increased exposure for their publications in the world's most prestigious institutions, and in markets where these publications may not currently have strong penetration. Increased exposure to publications in non-core markets may lead to:

  • Proliferation of scholarship
  • Improved brand recognition
  • Additional home page traffic
  • An increase in individual journal subscriptions in these regions

Learn how EBSCO's sales power generates additional opportunities for growth.