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Downloading Audiobooks

Simplified Download Process with Download Manager

EBSCO’s Download Manager offers simplified access to audiobooks, taking the confusion out of the downloading process for the easiest user experience possible. Simply locate a title on the EBSCOhost platform, click on "Download This Audiobook," and Download Manager will automatically checkout the audiobook, acquire the user license, and download the title directly to your PC or portable device. It's that easy.

Download Manager allows users to:

  • Manage audiobook downloads from the EBSCOhost platform to a computer or portable device
  • Transfer audiobooks from a computer to a portable device
  • Track audiobook download and transfer progress/status

System requirements:
Download Manager supports Windows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with a wide range of portable listening devices, including iPods. View the complete installation instructions.

Supported Devices

Audiobooks are formatted for playback on virtually all portable audio devices, including music players and tablets. View a complete list of compatible devices.

EBSCO Audiobooks support the latest portable device features, such as bookmarking.

Popular Devices that Are Compatible with EBSCO Audiobooks Include: