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Let Us Tell You the Story

Browse, search and check out titles from your library’s audiobook collection on a dedicated landing page

  • Perform a basic search via the search box.
  • Limit search results by author, title, language and more through Advanced Search options.
  • Search history can be expanded and viewed in conjunction with the results list.
  • Browse the library’s collection of titles by category.
  • Check out titles to download and listen to in the EBSCO Audiobooks app.

Listen to the high quality audio content from your library using the EBSCO Audiobooks app!

With the app users can:

  • Access titles checked out from your library’s collection
  • Download titles to the app and listen even when they’re offline
  • Listen the same titles on multiple devices

Easily Download the Audiobooks App to Android and Apple devices

  1. Download the EBSCO Audiobooks app from Google Play or iTunes
  2. Log in with your My EBSCOhost account
  3. Titles checked out to your My EBSCOhost account appear on the Library screen
  4. Tap Download to download the files to your device
  5. Tap Play to listen

The EBSCO Audiobooks app makes it easy to download and listen on the go

Find Audiobooks on EBSCOhost – Click to enlarge Thumbnails

EBSCO Audiobooks Result List

Start Listening with our New Audiobooks App

EBSCO Audiobooks Login

EBSCO Audiobooks Library Screen

EBSCO Audiobooks Checkout Screen