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eBook Collection Development
DRM-Free E-Book Collections

DRM-Free E-Book Collections  

EBSCO is pleased to offer a growing collection of over 120,000 DRM-free e-books from some of the world’s best academic and university presses. DRM-free removes print limits, download limits, copy and paste restrictions and download expirations to maximize an e-books portability and usability. To help discover some of the great new DRM-free content EBSCO’s collection development librarians have created a variety of collections, making selection of DRM-free content quick and easy. 

Title List(s):
DRM-Free - Arts & Humanities

DRM-Free - Award Winners

DRM-Free - Business & Economics

DRM-Free - Commerce & Finance

DRM-Free - Educational Theory & Practice

DRM-Free - Internal Medicine

DRM-Free - Medical

DRM-Free - New Releases

DRM-Free - Religion

DRM-Free - Science & Technology

DRM-Free - Social & Public Welfare

DRM-Free - Social Sciences

DRM-Free - University Presses

American Journal of Nursing 2017 Books of the Year

American Journal of Nursing 2017 Books of the Year

The American Journal of Nursing has served as the voice of nursing since 1900, providing coverage of evidence-based clinical practice and incisive news analysis. Each book in this collection of titles was recognized with a 2017 Best Book of the Year Award from The American Journal of Nursing. Titles represent several disciplines, including palliative care and hospice, nursing research, psychiatric and mental health nursing, nursing education, community and public health, advanced practice, and others. Hospital and medical-academic settings especially will find relevant content in this package. The American Journal of Nursing is published by Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Highlighted titles:

Calculating Drug Dosages: A Patient-safe Approach to Nursing and Math by Sandra Luz Martinez de Castillo & Maryanne Werner-McCullough
LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care: A Practical Guide to Transforming Professional Practice by Kimberly D. Acquaviva
Johns Hopkins Nursing Professional Practice Model by Deborah Dang, Judith Rohde & Jeannette Suflita

Highlighted publishers include Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, F.A. Davis Company, Sigma Theta Tau International

Title List(s):
American Journal of Nursing 2017 Books of the Year

Medicine Collections

Medicine Collections

EBSCO eBooks Medicine Collections, are pre-packaged collections of frontlist titles created by EBSCO’s Collection Development team. These collections contain high-quality titles and cover a variety of medical topics such as home care nursing, public health, pain management and many more.  These collections are intended for clinicians and medical students and are well suited for hospitals and medical schools.

Highlighted publishers include Oxford University Press, F.A. Davis Company, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Title List(s):
Medicine Atlases Collection

Medicine Chronic Ambulatory Care Collection

Medicine Diabetes Collection

Medicine Dictionaries Collection

Medicine Disease Prevention Collection

Medicine Drug Dosages Collection

Medicine General Reference Collection

Medicine Geriatrics Collection

Medicine Home Care Nursing Collection

Medicine Infectious Disease Collection

Medicine Long Term Care Collection

Medicine Long Term Care Palliative Care Collection

Medicine Nursing Collection

Medicine Outpatient Medicine Collection

Medicine Pain Management Collection

Medicine Patient Health Education

Medicine Physiotherapy Collection

Medicine Primary Care Women's Health Collection

Medicine Psychological Manuals Collection

Medicine PTSD Collection

Medicine Public Health Collection

Medicine Surgery Collection

Medicine Test Prep Collection

Medicine Toxicology Collection

Military Personnel and Families

Military Personnel and Families  

This e-book collection features more than 600 titles related to military life topics covered in Military OneSource. Titles are aimed at both soldiers and their spouses and children, with subjects including deployment, reintegration, transition assistance, PTSD, education, money management, drug abuse, parenting and many other related topics.

Notable titles within the collections include:

  • Waiting for First Light: My Ongoing Battle with PTSD by Roméo Dallaire
  • The Military-to-Civilian Transition Pocket Guide: The Veteran’s Guide to Finding Great Jobs and Employers by Ronald L. Krannich
  • Balancing Life and Education While Being a Part of a Military Family: A Guide to Navigating Higher Education for the Military Spouse by Robert W. Blue, Paul Karczewski and Jillian Ventrone

Publishers include Taylor & Francis, Bloomsbury, John Wiley & Sons, Rowman & Littlefield, Oxford University Press.

Title List(s):
Military Personnel and Families (.xls)

Current Affairs for Embassies

Current Affairs for Embassies

This e-book collection features nearly 90 frontlist titles related to the subjects covered on the Department of State’s IIP Digital website.

Such subjects include democracy, peace-building, American life and citizenship, the Obamas and affairs related to the current presidency, current technological innovations and endeavors, and foreign policy.

Title List(s):
Current Affairs for Embassies (.xls)

International Security and Counter-Terrorism Reference Center (ISCTRC) Companion

International Security and Counter-Terrorism Reference Center (ISCTRC) Companion

This e-book collection is a perfect companion for subscribers of the leading ISCTRC database on EBSCOhost. It features more than 200 frontlist titles directly related to the various security and defense subjects covered within the resource.

Subject coverage includes national security, cybersecurity, international relations, terrorism, genocide, state-building, piracy, etc. 

Title List(s):
ISCTRC Companion (.xls)

Military Reading List Companion

Military Reading List Companion

This e-book and audiobook collection features over 110 titles from the official military reading lists, as well as complementary titles on related subjects.

More than 80 of the titles within this collection are featured on current or archived military lists. The remaining titles cover several of the same subjects as the official reading list titles (e.g., Patton, the Peloponnesian War), or directly complement titles included on the lists. 

Title List(s):
Military Reading List Companion (.xls)

Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection

Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection  

Business Book Summaries (BBS), a leading corporate learning resource available through EBSCO, provides comprehensive, yet concise summaries for the best business books. EBSCO has created a companion eBook collection featuring a wide selection of full-text business titles from the BBS collection to support the needs of professionals who want to read the entire book.

Highlighted titles:

  • No One Understands You and What to Do About It by Heidi Halverson
  • Wiser: Getting Beyond Groupthink to Make Groups Smarter by Cass R. Sustein
  • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

Title List(s):
Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection (.xls)

Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection – Top 100

Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection – Top 100

This companion collection is a subset of the Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection, featuring full-text eBooks for the top 100 most used BBS summaries.

Title List(s):
Business Book Summaries Companion eBook Collection – Top 100

Corporate Learning Competency eBook Collections

Corporate Learning Competency eBook Collections

EBSCO has developed a master competency hierarchy based upon our renowned competency mapping database, as well as upon best practices within competency-based learning programs. These 23 competencies cover a range of essential workforce soft skills—including leadership, teamwork, negotiation skills, project management, conflict resolution, change management, etc. Each competency contains a selection of high-quality, full-text e-book titles specific to that particular competency, carefully chosen by librarians to add value to any employee learning program.

Title List(s):
Corporate Learning Competency - Career Planning (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Coaching & Mentoring (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Communicating Effectively (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Customer Focus (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Dealing with Conflict (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Diversity (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Effective Teamwork (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Emotional Intel & Relationships (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Ethical Behavior (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Facilitating Change (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Financial Literacy (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Health & Safety (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Human Resources (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Influencing & Persuading Others (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Innovation (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Leadership (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Learning & Improvement (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Marketing Basics (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Process Improvements (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Project Management (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Sales (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Strategic Thinking (.xls)

Corporate Learning Competency - Supply Chain Management (.xls)