EDS Subject Research Mobile Access

Research from Anywhere

EDS Mobile allows users to research on the go—anytime and from anywhere—using EBSCO‚Äôs intuitive search features and functionality. EDS Mobile is designed for use on many handheld devices and has been optimized for most smartphones, including:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • And others...

EDS is also available as a free downloadable app for the iPhone/iPod touch or Android devices. Please note that iPads function under the full (desktop) version of EDS and not as a mobile device.

New Features Available on EDS Mobile:

  • New Design
  • Enhanced Branding/Skinnability
  • Folders
  • Preferences and User Controls
  • More Content Loading
  • Custom Links
  • Facets
  • Guest Access
  • Real-Time Availability Check