EDS Subject Research Technology Platform Blending

Optimize the Full Value of Subject Indexes by
including them in the Discovery Experience

A majority of important subject indexes do not participate in any discovery service, yet their content is essential to academic research, including at the graduate level.

While other discovery services claim to have the same level of indexing available through these resources, EDS is the only discovery service that can infuse results from native publisher-provided indexing for such top subject-specific indexes*.

Unique, Proprietary Technology

EDS developers focused for many months on building this sophisticated technology, which:

  • Creates seamless inter-connectivity between EDS and key content resources that do not otherwise participate in discovery services
  • Is an exceptionally fast, direct infusion of relevant results—not federation
  • Provides a fast, direct & smart line of communication between EDS and EBSCOhost
    • Fast – All resources are loaded locally on EBSCO systems
    • Direct – A fully-enabled, dedicated open interaction between EDS and high-end indexes on EBSCOhost
    • Smart – Technology developed to leverage relevancy ranking from EDS, facet utilization and fully-integrated results

* Requires subscription via EBSCOhost

This unique technology behind is not only crucial for intricate searching, but is also the key to returning the best-possible relevancy-ranked search results—paramount for upper-level research.