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A Better Way to Research

Gain the competitive edge in your industry with the most robust research tool on the market today. Biotechnology Source is a single-search platform to thousands of full-text journals. It offers many leading industry publications and unique titles for biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.

Biotechnology Sourceā„¢

One Click Unlocks a World of Primary Literature

With just one click, Biotechnology Source gives you immediate access to over 9,500 full-text journals including many industry leading publications as well as unique sources not found elsewhere on the web. Researchers can find both recently published and backdated issues without any additional charge.

A Single Search Platform – Fully Customizable

Find relevant results quickly from sources not found elsewhere on the web, and reduce the amount of time researchers spend searching for information. It all starts with a single-search platform which can be customized to include your company logo and branding. Integrate into your company’s intranet or other workflow applications to create a seamless search experience.

More than Just a Portal…

  • A cohesive, intuitive platform for users
  • Simple, basic searching option, as well as advanced options to cater to different user-level search needs
  • Features and functionality that optimize the research experience
  • Mobile capabilities for on-the-go searching