E-Journals Database

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Maximize Exposure and Increase Access to E-Journal Subscriptions

This resource provides users with access to your library's e-journals subscriptions via the EBSCOhost interface, bringing visibility to and increasing usage of your entire e-journal collection. The unique full text search limiter will return results for articles from both e-journals and databases subscribed to through EBSCO, ensuring that users have immediate access to all of the full-text content available in your collection.

Features for Personalized Research

With special personalization features, such as Journal Alerts, Search Alerts and Personal Folders for organizing research, users can rely on EBSCOhost as the central hub for all of their research needs—no need to search in multiple locations.

Integration with Other Systems

The E-Journals Database also takes advantage of integration with other EBSCO systems and offers SmartLinks, which provides direct links to publishers' content.


My overall impression of the EBSCOhost interface is that it offers something for everybody.

– Charleston Advisor