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Content Includes:

  • Coverage from 1926 - 1984
  • Thousands of issues

Research Areas:

  • 20th-century history
  • Anthropology
  • Business/Economics
  • Cultural studies
  • Education
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Political science
  • Science/Technology
  • Sociology

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U.S. News & World Report Magazine Archive covers the magazine from its very first issue in 1926 when it was known as the Unites States Daily. The magazine features a broad variety of topics in current events, politics and business, and is well known for its ranked lists such as Best Colleges, Best Hospitals, Best Graduate Schools and more. This comprehensive archive, starting with the daily issues and eventually weekly ones, offers thousands of issues for research.

The cover-to-cover format presents each issue in its entirety, including the front and back covers as well as all articles and advertisements contained in the original publication. Articles and cover pages are fully indexed and advertisements are individually identified, ensuring that researchers can quickly and accurately locate the information they seek. U.S. News & World Report Magazine Archive is valuable to researchers of 20th-century current events, politics and business, as well as those interested in the history of journalism, advertising, and popular culture.