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American Revolution Archives includes

  • Constitutional Convention Records
  • Foreign Letters of the Continental Congress
  • Official records of the original colonies and the early United States
  • Papers of the Continental Congress
  • Revolutionary War Rolls, Service Records, Prize Cases & Pensions
  • Many other historic documents representing and revealing the process of the Constitution’s creation

American Revolution Archives is a rich resource for those interested in the seminal events leading up to the founding of the new nation and of the people involved in these crucial military and political struggles. The collection contains over 4.7 million pages of original historical documents culled from materials at the National Archives that pertain to the Revolutionary War, chronicle military strategies, and recount the lives of individual soldiers both during and after the War.

Explore Foundational Documents of a New Nation

American Revolution Archives contains foundational documents for the new nation including Papers of the Continental Congress, the official records of the original colonies and the early United States, Constitutional Convention Records, and many other historic documents that reveal the process of the Constitution’s creation. Names and details of thousands of men can be found in the Revolutionary War Rolls and Revolutionary War Service Records, organized by regiment, guard, and company and containing names, service dates and locations, pay lists, and more.

Coverage List:

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An Enlistment and Service Record

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Roster of Delegates From New England and New York

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Case Files of Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Applications