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Applied Science & Technology

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This collection contains over 210 publications related chiefly to the hard science disciplines, such as mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and geology. It also contains a small number of social sciences titles and literary magazines with scientific content. 

These publications reflect a continued pursuit of knowledge driven by an intense curiosity in the United States about the nature of humanity, the heavens and Earth, and the desire to use this new knowledge for practical purposes.

The Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901 collection reflects the scientific achievements of the era and documents the following: how anthropologists used discoveries of ancient artifacts to help develop theories of the human species and civilization; how geologists used their increasing understanding of earth sciences to help exploit the nation's vast natural resources; and the ways in which microbiologists used the knowledge gained from studying organisms at great magnification to develop new approaches to preventing and curing disease. Titles include The Anthropological Journal, Astronomical Notices, The American Chemist, The American Journal of Microscopy and Popular Science, The Canadian Naturalist and Geologist, and Popular Science Monthly

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