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Capturing the many pursuits that 19th-century Americans enjoyed in their spare time, this collection includes periodicals from 1775-1889 dedicated to fairs and bazaars, public lectures, sporting events, hobbies, and more. Many of these periodicals were printed using hand-operated presses. 

The Hobbies, Socialization, and Sport Periodicals, 1775-1889 collection includes periodicals that cover a wide range of leisure activities that Americans participated in during this time period. After the expansion of the railroad networks and steamboat lines, Americans traveled extensively and engaged in a diverse array of pastimes, from early forms of body-building to pigeon racing and stamp collecting.  

Titles include Turf Field and Farm, Bat and Ball, Gymnast, Mason’s Coin and Stamp Collectors’ Magazine, Magic Lantern, Dubuque Chess Journal, and Voice of the Fair.

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