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With its broad view of the events, humor, and lifestyle of campuses around the country, this collection provides researchers with a better understanding of popular culture through the eyes of its younger members. Many youths in 19th-century America engaged in academics and enjoyed sharing their activities and the emerging talents they developed at school with their fellow students and teachers. 

A wide range of colleges and trade school publications are explored in this collection, which includes student titles from all over the country. Titles include The Vassar Miscellany and The Trinity Tablet from the Northeast, The Hermathenian and Journal of the Virginia Collegiate Institute and the Georgia University Magazine from the South, The Eureka College Vidette and The Notre Dame Scholastic from the Midwest; and The Berkeleyan and The Napa Classic from the West Coast. The collection also includes schools' literary periodicals, such as The Hamilton Literary Monthly, Rutgers Literary Miscellany, and Centre College Magazine: Devoted to Literature. In addition, diverse types of schools are represented here, including technical colleges, military academies, and business schools. A number of publications were largely written by and for women, such as The Pactolus, The Parthenian or Young Ladies Magazine, and The Sunbeam.

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