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This collection focuses on the long and rich history of business and education in the United Sates. The informative periodicals reflect a broad range of evolving educational methods and encompass many classroom environments.

The Business and General Education Periodicals, 1800-1885 collection includes a diverse range of popular titles, including The Journal of Progress in Education and Social Improvement, The Popular Educator, The Common School and Iowa Journal of Education, The Maine Common School Advocate, Eastman's State and National Business College, Bryant Stratton & Bell's Peoria Illinois Business College Monthly, The Penman and Accountant, The Phonographic Comet, The Southern Workman: Devoted to the Industrial Classes of the South, The American Polytechnic Journal, Gallaudet Guide and Deaf-Mute's Companion, The Polyglot, Amerikanische Schulzeitung, Comstock's Phonetic Magazine, De Fonetic Propagandist, and many more.

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