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This collection chronicles the prevailing social, religious, political and benevolent movements of 1815-1884. It represents a wide variety of publications that range across many points of view, including those of anarchists, communists, workingmen, immigrants, women, and more. 

These periodicals tell the story of American society and politics from diverse perspectives, giving voice to the established and powerful as well as the disenfranchised and subversive.

The American Political and Social Movements Periodicals, 1815-1884 collection includes popular and well known titles such as The Periodical Letter, Oneida Circular, The Rational Review, The Communist, The Voice of Labor, The Reformer, or Advocate of Industrial Association, Workingman's Advocate, The Radical, The Irish Volunteer, The Jewish Times, Der Arbeiter, The People's FriendThe Republican, The Anti-Romanist, The Woman's Journal, The Revolution, The Impartial Examiner and Advocate of Liberty Civil and Religious, and many more.

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