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Containing more than 180 periodicals dedicated to the concept of healthy living and alternative medicine, this collection represents a variety of alternative health options chronicled in the publications of the time, exploring such movements as electrology, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, magnetism, phrenology, and Thomsonian medicine.

The Alternative Medicine and Health Periodicals, 1810-1877 collection includes herbal guides such as the Eclectic and Medical Botanist and patent medicine circulars such as Fancher's Voice of General Intelligence, as well as periodicals that cover the changing views on health, hygiene, and fitness. Publications include Lewis' New Gymnastics for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children and Boston Journal of Physical Culture, The Journal of Health, and The Domestic Medical and Dietetical Monitor or Journal of Health. Other titles include The Water Cure Journal and Teacher of Health, the Homoeopathic Journal of Materia Medica, Chemistry, and Pharmacology, and Fowler's Journal of Life Health Man and Phrenology.

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