Search Box Builder

Administrators can create a customized EBSCOhost Search Box to provide instant access to users who want to search the library's EBSCO databases.

The EBSCOhost Search Box Builder tool enables administrators to place an EBSCOhost Search Box anywhere on a library's web pages. Making EBSCOhost searching conveniently available in more places throughout library web sites, such as on faculty pages, etc., is a simple way to increase the accessibility of these resources. In addition, the availability of the EBSCOhost Search Box will enhance the usage and overall value of a library’s services.

The Search Box setup process is simple, and once done, the resulting code is used to add it to those web site pages where users are most likely to visit.

If Search Box Builder is of interest, Linking may be of interest as well.

The Search Box Builder tool:
  • Is easy and efficient to use
  • Enables administrators to provide instant access to valuable online resources
  • Includes authentication selections to match each institution's requirements
  • Gives administrators the ability to choose which databases to include
  • Provides an option for selecting which search limiters will automatically be applied to searches conducted via the Search Box