Result List

The EBSCOhost Result List is designed to bring the most popular and useful functionality to researchers on one multifunctional screen, eliminating unnecessary clicks to access features needed to maximize search results.

For example, users can simply hover over the magnifying glass icon beside any Result List item’s title for an instant preview of the article’s citation, without leaving the screen.

It is equally simple to limit results using the date slide bar, full text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) or other database limiters in the column to the left of the Result List. Users can also select single or multiple source types by which to limit results, or refine results by author, subject, publication, etc.

The right-hand column is dedicated to related and other images pertinent to the search.

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Result List Features:
  • Source Types for narrowing results
  • Popular Limiters to refine results
  • Instant citation preview icon
  • Date slider bar for result refinement
  • Related Images Section
  • Refine results by Author, Subject, Publication, etc.