Readers’ Guide Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson)

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Full-Text Coverage on Every Aspect of Modern Life

This comprehensive tool for educators, students and researchers alike provides unparalleled access to current events coverage, curriculum support and quality full-text periodicals.

Unmatched Quality and Breadth of Content

Virtually every aspect of modern life is covered in Readers’ Guide Full Text Mega, which features indexing for 460 periodicals from 1983 to the present, as well as full-text articles from more than 260 journals dating 1994 to the present. PDF page images of these full-text articles provide access to illustrations, photographs and other original graphical data. Content is also constantly being added, as the database is updated on a daily basis to incorporate the latest information. 


Advanced Search, with its elegantly laid-out tool set for crafting very precise search strategies, gives the user great control over the whole search process.

– Library Journal