PSYNDEX: Literature and Audiovisual Media with PSYNDEX Tests

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A Comprehensive Psychology Resource Featuring Records from German-Speaking Countries

This resource provides comprehensive abstracts of psychological literature, audiovisual media, intervention programs and tests from German-speaking countries. It combines two database segments:

PSYNDEX Literature and Audiovisual Media includes records of psychological publications from authors in German-speaking countries, audiovisual media and descriptions of intervention programs.

PSYNDEX Tests includes extensive descriptions of tests in use in German-speaking countries.

Detailed Records Searchable in German and English

Approximately 30% of the records available in PSYNDEX are in English or have English abstracts. All records have English title translations, descriptors, classification categories and key concepts (literature and audiovisual media records only), thereby making PSYNDEX a great research tool for English-speaking researchers. The database is searchable in German and English.

Broad Subject Coverage 

Subject coverage for PSYNDEX includes psychology, medicine, education, sociology, sport, linguistics, business management and criminology relevant for psychology. Additionally, content is updated on a monthly basis, incorporating the latest research available.


My overall impression of the EBSCOhost interface is that it offers something for everybody.

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