Polymer Library

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The World’s Largest Database Dedicated to Plastics, Rubber, Polymeric Composites and Adhesives

Providing detailed information on plastics, rubber, polymeric composites and adhesives, Polymer Library includes competitive news, historical trade name data, latest industry technologies, new application ideas from existing technologies and product testing information.

Specialists Provide Extensive Abstracts to Aid Researchers 

Supported by a team of experienced abstractors who are specialists in their fields, Polymer Library’s abstractors ensure records are comprehensively indexed with multiple keywords to aid searchers. The keywords indicate both the subject matter and the nature of the article with records averaging 40 terms each.

Content includes information from nearly a million records from more than 500 publishers dating from 1972 to present. Examples include:

  • About product testing, from technical journals and conference proceedings
  • On the latest industry technologies, from application-based journals
  • About new application ideas for existing technologies
  • About competitive companies, in the Key News section
  • Concerning product failures and resolutions
  • About historical trade names

Polymer Library is somewhat distinctive among primary science and technology databases because it features unusually deep coverage not only of the scientific and technical aspects of polymers...but also equally thorough coverage of the legal, legislative, regulatory and business aspects of these materials.

– CHOICE Magazine