MyHeritage Library Edition

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Worldwide Historical Primary Documents and Indexes

The MyHeritage Library Edition features billions of primary historical records from the United States, Europe and other regions, with coverage spanning the past five centuries. Often accompanied by true document images, these records illuminate historical realities across a wide variety of regions.

MyHeritage Library Edition

Historical Database Focus

MyHeritage Library Edition features a focus on people-based records, which contain information about both everyday people and prominent individuals across societies and periods of time. This emphasis, plus the strength of the index, enables scholars to access information both about specialized topics (regions, time periods) as well as social, cultural, and political trends, with a wide scope. Location and keyword search options enable the researcher to directly access information about a specific region or topic.

Illuminating Collections for Scholars in Many Fields

  • European, American history - 16th to 20th centuries
  • Contemporary fields of inquiry (cultural, local, micro)
  • Traditional historical fields (military, labor, migration, biography)
  • Methods and historiography
  • Area and ethnic studies
  • Emphasis in Americas, Europe, Middle East
  • Sociology and population studies
  • Other fields