My EBSCOhost

Not only does EBSCOhost offer a myriad of customization options for a site administrator, it also provides users with the ability to establish free, personalized EBSCOhost folder accounts, known as My EBSCOhost.

Once a personalized folder account (My EBSCOhost) has been created, users can save individual search results, search histories, persistent links to searches, Search Alerts, Journal Alerts and web pages created using Page Composer, across multiple sessions, for use in future sessions.

EBSCO's My EBSCOhost folders functionality supports multiple folders, allowing users to sort and efficiently manage results within multiple, customizable folders.

Current session searches can be set up as Search Alerts, to automatically update users with new articles published on specific subjects. Users can conduct a search from the Basic or Advanced Search screen in EBSCOhost and save it as an alert to run at user-specified intervals, with new results delivered to user-specified e-mail addresses. Alert e-mails include a list of new results, along with a persistent link to each of the articles.

EBSCOhost also allows users to create an alert notification via e-mail each time a new issue for a selected title is made available in a specific database (Journal Alert). EBSCOhost will automatically send an e-mail with an updated list of article titles available for that journal, to the designated e-mail recipient(s).

Users can save web pages created using Page Composer, a web-based application that allows users to create customized HTML pages containing links to content in EBSCOhost databases. Page Composer is included at no extra charge with EBSCOhost database subscriptions, and is accessible via My EBSCOhost folders.

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My EBSCOhost Personalized Folders:
  • Provide a secure place to store and manage EBSCOhost search results, persistent links to searches, Journal Alerts, Search Alerts, Images, Videos and Saved Searches, beyond the current EBSCOhost session
  • Include access to EBSCO's free Page Composer program, for creating web pages with links to EBSCOhost articles, a search box and a wide assortment of graphics for posting to a library's web site, for example, or to use as an online homework assignment
  • Feature multiple, customizable folders, allowing users to efficiently sort and manage all types of saved items