International Political Science Abstracts

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The Global Standard for Scholarly Research in Political Science

International Political Science Abstracts, produced by the International Political Science Association, provides non-evaluative abstracts of articles in the field of poltiical science published in journals and yearbooks around the world.

Unique Content in EBSCOhost

Of the nearly 400,000 records provided in International Political Science Abstracts, nearly half are available exclusively on EBSCOhost. EBSCOhost users have access to all abstracts published since Volume One (1951), as well as the approximate 8,000 new records added each year. 

These non-evaluative abstracts are either originally published in the source journal, or prepared by the staff. They are in English, regardless of the original language, and may be edited for clarity and brevity.


My overall impression of the EBSCOhost interface is that it offers something for everybody.

– Charleston Advisor