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A Comprehensive Collection of Bibliographic Records for
Geoscience Literature

Produced by the American Geosciences Institute, this comprehensive geosciences database contains bibliographic records for geosciences literature from around the world. 

An Indispensable Research and Discussion Tool

GeoRef contains a vast amount of indexed information, including 3.8 million bibliographic records from more than 3,500 journals covering a wide spectrum of geoscience literature. Other records featured within the database include indexed books, maps, government reports, conference papers, theses and dissertations. GeoRef is also constantly adding new material to its collection, with more than 100,000 records added on an annual basis.

Coverage within the database includes the geology of North America from 1666 to the present, as well as global coverage dating back to 1933. Additionally, GeoRef customers will receive supplemental access to GeoRef In Process.  


Advanced Search, with its elegantly laid-out tool set for crafting very precise search strategies, gives the user great control over the whole search process.

– Library Journal