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The Definitive Resource for Food Science and Technology Content

This extensive specialized database covers scientific and technological literature relating to food, drink and nutrition. It is managed by a team of expert scientists within IFIS, a not-for-profit organisation with an ongoing commitment to learning and development and a reputation for scientific integrity, accuracy and excellence.

FSTA Overview

Unsurpassed Accuracy and Relevance of Indexing

By categorizing all included content with a comprehensive subject taxonomy of thousands of keywords applied to the sciences of food, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) helps to ensure that researchers can quickly and easily find the most relevant information that their research requires. Through this expertly-crafted indexing, FSTA is uniquely structured to make research and information more easily accessible than any other resource available.

Content from Thousands of Sources

With an extensive list of sources including journals, reviews, trade publications, books, patents, standards, as well as conference proceedings and reports, users can be assured that they are not missing any of the latest research.

Expert-Crafted Thesaurus

The FSTA Thesaurus is an essential feature produced by IFIS' expert scientists with extensive knowledge in the sciences of food, including all major commodities, related life and pure sciences, pet foods, processing, safety and economics. Containing thousands of terms created and structured into food-centric hierarchies, the thesaurus uses controlled keyword terms to overcome variability in author terminology and scientific nomenclature, facilitating efficient information retrieval. The FSTA Thesaurus is regularly reviewed and updated with new terms in response to scientific innovation.

Please email Rhianna Jones at IFIS if you would like a copy of the coverage list.