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EBSCOadmin provides administrators with many powerful options for customizing their EBSCO interfaces. As administrator, you can modify search limiters and expanders, print options, linking options, local holdings information, links to library pages, and much more. You can also control the availability of full text, customize onscreen notes, and modify numerous other user interface preferences.

  • Usage Statistics can be retrieved in a variety of formats or be set up for automatic transmission via email (Retrieving statistics FAQ).
  • Multiple authentication methods (View Authentication Tutorial) are provided to enable administrators to register IP addresses, or use existing lists of IDs and passwords, referring URLs and other popular authentication choices, such as library barcodes.
  • Library pages can be easily branded in accordance with administrator preferences: View Branding Tutorial.
  • Multilingual Options provide for automatic translation of user interface screens, or full-text HTML articles.
  • Local Collections are accommodated in the EBSCOadmin module, and once loaded, can be presented as search limiters or authority files in EBSCOhost.
  • Groups (User Groups Tutorial) can be created to present differing databases to various rooms in a library, or to provide customized access among sites in a consortium. Profiles can be associated with appropriate groups to allow administrators to present their subscription databases where they will provide the most benefit to users.

Many more EBSCOhost features can be modified using EBSCOadmin. This useful summary can help administrators to quickly determine which options would be most appropriate to specific library user groups: EBSCOhost Feature Customization in EBSCOadmin.

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