Chicano Database

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Providing an Extensive View of Chicano Culture in the United States

Produced by the Ethnic Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley, this bibliographic index covers a wide range of materials focused on the Mexican-American and Chicano experience, as well as the broader Latino experience of Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans and Central American immigrants from 1992 onwards.

Broad Coverage from a Variety of Sources

Content within the Chicano Database is designed to further research, teaching and scholarship for Chicano studies programs and extended ethnic studies curricula, giving researchers targeted access to materials that explore the broad dimensions of class, race and gender within the Chicano and Latino U.S. experience.

Featuring upwards of 70,000 records, the Chicano Database pulls content from more than 2,400 journals and other resources, including newspapers, books, book chapters and more. Extensive coverage dates back to the 1960's, with selective indexing dating back to the early 1900's. Updated on a quarterly basis, the Chicano Database offers uniform subject access to a continuously growing body of literature.


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