Associates Programs Source Plus

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A Comprehensive Full-Text Resource for Two-Year Colleges

This database is designed specifically for the research needs of students at two-year colleges, and provides comprehensive coverage of the most relevant Associates Program level content. This resource (also available under the name Vocational Studies™ Complete*) contains a wide range of applicable content from full-text journals as well as full-text books. 

A Complete Resource for Key Areas of Study
for Associates Programs

The database covers key subjects in two-year college settings, ranging from cosmetology, fashion design, and photography to biotechnology, forensics, and veterinary assisting, plus dozens more equally varied areas of study. Associates Programs Source Plus offers information from many sources that are unique to this database.

*Subscribing institutions have the option of making this database available to their patrons/users under either the Associates Programs Source Plus or Vocational Studies Complete name, depending on their particular educational objectives.

This is an online research database designed specifically for two-year colleges, and the main focus of the included journals is technical and vocational in nature. This would be a good research database for...schools that do not have ready access to these materials.

– Michelle Hudiburg, Pittsburg (Kansas) State University