America: History and Life with Full Text Alumni Edition

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An Essential Historical Research Tool for Alumni

Covering the history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present, this database provides alumni with an essential reference tool for historical research.

The Definitive History Database for the United States and Canada

Strong English-language journal coverage is balanced by an international perspective on topics and events. Abstracts are available in English, which were originally published in a variety of languages.

America: History and Life with Full Text Alumni Edition covers key journals in the discipline, state and local history publications, and selected articles from scholarly journals in the social sciences and humanities.

In addition to standard search features, this database allows for searching by time period, an essential feature given the extensive range of its coverage.


The page layout on each of the search options is straightforward, and the similarity between the Basic and Advanced Search screens make the tool less intimidating to users of all types.

– Charleston Advisor