Newspaper Source Plus

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Comprehensive Full-Text Coverage for Today’s Major Newspapers

Provides more than 1,400 full-text newspapers, providing more than 55 million full-text articles. This database contains comprehensive full text for major newspapers. Videos and podcasts are coming soon.

Daily Updates with News View Component

Newspaper Source Plus also brings critical news content with ongoing updates though out the day with its News View component. Updates through out the day include popular sources:

  • AP (Associated Press)
  • Business Wire
  • CNN Wire
  • PR Wire
  • UPI (United Press International)
  • Xinhua (China)

News View also includes more than 1,111,000 TV & Radio News Transcripts from top sources:

  • ABC News (American)
  • ABC (Australian)
  • CBC (Canadian)
  • CBS News
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • CNN International
  • FOX News
  • National Public Radio
  • PBS

My overall impression of the EBSCOhost interface is that it offers something for everybody.

– Charleston Advisor