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Leveraging Bestsellers to Increase Backlist Circulation

Post by Nancy Dowd
Posted October 02, 2014 in LibraryAware

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How would you like to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your marketing budget?

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The How and Why of Recommendations

Post by Duncan Smith
Posted September 10, 2014 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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Over the last few months, we’ve explained how NoveList creates recommendations. It starts by describing the ‘who, what, where and when’ of a book...

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Beyond Book Jackets: What Kinds of Images Resonate with Readers?

Post by Cassi Broach
Posted September 03, 2014 in LibraryAware

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When it comes to the content you're creating for your library, images matter. We're talking about ANY kind of content, really, but especially content for your library's digital channels such as web pages, emails, social media posts and more.

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What We’re Reading: When She Woke

Post by Lori Reed
Posted August 26, 2014 in NoveList Bookshelf

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Curious about what NoveList staff are reading? This month, Lori read When She Woke by Hillary Jordan. 

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