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Evidence-Based Methodology:

"Evidence-based" is a descriptor that is often used to describe health care-related reference resources.  For a clinical reference resource to truly be evidence-based, conclusions must be based on the best available evidence. Conclusions can be based on the best available evidence only if the evidence is consistently and systematically identified, evaluated and selected.

The EBSCO Editorial Team performs daily literature surveillance of thousands of journals and generates reports on the most significant research. The EBSCO editorial process adheres to the following strict 7-Step evidence-based methodology and protocol:

  1. Systematically identify the evidence
  2. Systematically select the best available evidence from that identified
  3. Systematically evaluate the selected evidence (critical appraisal)
  4. Objectively reflect the relevant findings and quality of the evidence
  5. Synthesize multiple evidence reports
  6. Derive conclusions and recommendations from the evidence synthesis; obtain peer review
  7. Change the conclusions when new evidence alters the best available evidence

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