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ExPub offers a selection of products designed to meet the information needs of Environmental Health & Safety professionals.  Through ExPub, users can access over 2 million documents covering over 400,000 substances, with continually-updated information—all from a single search.

Searchable through ExPub are the most-consulted international databases for environmental, chemical, biological and toxicological information, such as U.S. EPA, IARC, WHO, ECHA, OSHA and more. 

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A Time-Saving Resource

A time-saving resource for professionals in the field, ExPub provides a simultaneous search across all 150 domestic and international databases, with 100% relevant results.

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Featured Product

Get chemical hazard information from over 100 well-known database collections with ChemEXPERT™.

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MEDLINE Complete

Unique Content and the most Sought-After Resources

This exceptional database provides an unprecedented amount of full text for the most prominent journals used in the field of medical research and is the largest companion to the MEDLINE index. Get full text for many of the most-used medical journals – with no embargo.

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